5 Essential Yale Apps to Download

The title says it all, folks. I hereby gift you five apps that will add years of immeasurable wisdom and knowledge to your life. (Okay, maybe I exaggerated a little. But at the very least, these apps will save you some confusion and time when you arrive on campus, and begin your transformation from doe-eyed, naive bullpup to an experienced, sophisticated bulldog).

1) The Yale App

This is The Official Yale AppTM, so of course you need it on your phone. It’s filled with shortcuts to Yale news, events information, the official directory, and resources for students, but most importantly it has a map. A map that has all the building codes that you’ll likely find when you’re building your class schedule. These codes can’t be deciphered on Google Maps, so this app will definitely come in handy when you’re wondering where on earth LC or SSS are.

2) DoubleMap

Though even the farthest corners of our campus are within walking distance, sometimes, you just don’t feel like walking up Science Hill’s 10 degree incline. That’s where DoubleMap comes in–this app shows you the location of Yale shuttles in real time, so you know exactly how fast to speed walk to the shuttle stop. These shuttles run regularly throughout the day and they are FREE and simply lifesavers.

3) TapRide

You’re at a party, it’s past midnight, and you’d rather catch a ride back to your dorm instead of walking back with your friends. Who you gonna call??? Ghostbust–I mean, TapRide. This app allows you to call nighttime shuttles, available from 6pm to 6am, bringing you directly from your location to your destination. (If you do have the number to call Ghostbusters, please lmk).

4) Yale Dining

This app not only displays today and tomorrow’s entire breakfast, lunch, and dinner offerings at each dining hall, but also tells you how crowded each dining hall is at any given moment. Super handy for rush hour lunch time. The fancy names of dishes perfectly suit their impeccable taste. I mean, Mushroom Ravioli with Sage Butter Sauce? Oven-Seared Chicken Breast Saltimbocca with Fresh Herb Provencal Sauce? Mouth-watering. Not gonna lie, on a regular school day I check this app upwards of five to six times (definitely not during class–duh, I’m a good student).

5) Snackpass

On the topic of food, Snackpass comes in clutch to get discounts at restaurants and cafes on or around campus (check out Julia’s post here about Snackpass culture). Founded by Yalies in 2017, this app allows you to order in advance, collect loyalty points, and send gifts to your friends. Snackpass tracks your progress by hatching little eggs into chicklets, and trust me when I say quite a few Yalies tout the number of chicklets they have as their badge of honor.

You are now equipped to embark on the adventure of your life. Go forth and charge through Phelps Gate with these apps that are mightier than the sword!