Identity, Culture, Faith

Identity, culture, faith, and politics inspire a constellation of vibrant communities that make up Yale’s complex and diverse student body.

Some say Yale is a place of reinvention. Others say the undergraduate experience here is about becoming more of who you already are. Many students find the most personal routes on this journey through Yale’s cultural houses, faith communities, the Women’s Center, political groups, and sexual identity organizations. Check out Yale’s  Diversity Viewbook for more.

Cultural Houses

Yale’s Afro-American Cultural Center, Asian American Cultural Center, La Casa Cultural, and Native American Cultural Center nourish a sense of cultural identity and educate people in the larger community. They are also home base for dozens of affiliated organizations from fraternities and sororities to dance companies, publications, and social action and political groups.

Religious life

Spiritual life at Yale is rich and varied with students who practice more than 30 religious traditions. You will find multiple services a day, centers for specific faiths, affiliated social and service clubs, publications, dozens of organizations within faiths, faith-conscious kitchens, as well as films, dances, politics, parties, art shows, and concerts sponsored by various faith groups. Learn More

Belonging at Yale

Explore Yale’s central web location for student, faculty, and staff resources that deepen a sense of belonging at Yale and strengthen diversity, equity, and inclusion in the Yale community.  

LGBTQ resources

Yale’s Office of LGBTQ Resources offers outreach and education on issues of sexual orientation and gender identity for the whole University community. In addition, the LGBT Co-op hosts a number of member groups loosely divided into three branches: social, political/activist, and support/discussion. The groups also work together on large events and projects. Learn More

The Yale Women's Center

Founded in 1970, the Yale Women’s Center is an umbrella organization that deal with issues of gender and sexuality. The Center’s mission is to improve the lives of all women, especially at Yale and in New Haven. Learn More

Political life

Every political viewpoint can be found (and debated) at Yale. Many students join groups that focus on a single set of issues. Others join partisan groups, serve in Yale’s student government, or become involved in local New Haven politics. Learn More