International Experiences

Yale education goes global

Yale is committed to providing opportunities for study, research, or work abroad as part of the Yale College experience. Former Yale President Richard Levin said it best back in 2003: “We believe that being an educational leader in this century requires our students to experience other countries as well as study them.”

Summer internships abroad

The Yale Office of Career Strategy coordinates dozens of rewarding work experiences for undergraduates in cities around the world. Students connect with a long list of Preferred Yale Partners -organizations with special connections to Yale interested in offering opportunities to Yale students - to find internships in arts, politics, health, technology, community advocacy, research, finance, journalism, law, and more.

Community service abroad

Every year hundreds of Yale students take their passion for serving others abroad. Many students find exciting opportunities through Reach OutYale Engineers Without Borders, and the Student Partnerships for Global Health

Study abroad

If you are interested in spending a summer, a semester, or a year at a university overseas, the Center for International and Professional Experience can help you find the perfect program. Popular options include studying British history or literature with Yale in London, immersing yourself in a new culture and language accompanied by Yale faculty through Yale Summer Session Study Abroad, and studying Chinese, Japanese, or Korean with a Light Fellowship.

There are countless opportunities to study abroad with a non-Yale program for a summer, semester, or academic year while earning full Yale credit and transferring your financial aid. Check out a complete list of options at Study Abroad and Yale Year or Term Abroad programs.

Research abroad

Many Yale students spend the summer between their junior and senior years overseas doing independent study, directed research, or lab work for a senior essay or thesis. You can learn more about the generous research funding available by checking out Yale’s Student Grants and Fellowships Database, the Office of Fellowship Programs, and the MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies.


of the most recent graduating class participated in study, research, and/or internships abroad.

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Fellowship and International Summer Award (ISA) funding for international study, research, and internship experiences undertaken by Yale College students in 2017–2018.

Funding to go 

The International Summer Award (ISA) and the Summer Experience Award each provide funding for one summer for every undergraduate who receives financial aid from Yale. ISA funding can be used for Yale Summer Session Study Abroad and eligible non-Yale summer study abroad programs. SEA funding can be used for domestic or international internship opportunities.