International Experiences

Your Education Goes Global

Yale wants you to go away. Far away. In fact, Yale is committed to having you study, research, or work abroad as part of your college experience. To quote President Richard Levin (1993-2013) when he announced this goal in 2003: “We believe that being an educational leader in this century requires our students to experience other countries as well as study them.”

Study Abroad

If you are interested in spending a summer, a semester, or a year at a university overseas, we can help you discover the perfect program. The Center for International and Professional Experience offers an exciting array of study-abroad opportunities. You can study British history or literature with Yale in London, or immerse yourself in a new culture and language, accompanied by Yale faculty (Yale Summer Session Study Abroad.) If you would like to learn Chinese, Japanese, or Korean, consider applying for one of Yale’s Light Fellowships.

You can also study abroad with a non-Yale program for a summer, semester, or academic year while earning full Yale credit and transferring your financial aid. Check out a complete list of options at Study Abroad and Yale Year or Term Abroad programs.

Want to hear what Yale students who participated in Yale Summer Session Study Abroad have to say about their experiences? Surf the Yale Summer Session Alumni Ambassador Program website for candid comments.

Want to see the world through their eyes? Here are some of the breathtaking photos taken by Yale students during their travels.

Summer Internships Abroad

The Yale-coordinated International Internships Program provides students with the rich, rewarding experience of working and living for eight or nine weeks of the summer in London, Beijing, Athens, Singapore, Buenos Aires, Kampala, and other cities around the world. Yale’s Office of Career Strategy coordinates the program and has helped secure internships in a variety of professional areas, including the arts, politics, health, technology, community advocacy, think tanks, finance, journalism, and law. Learn more

Research Abroad

The international research opportunities for Yale undergraduates are extensive. Many Yale students spend the summer between their junior and senior years overseas doing independent study, directed research, or lab work for a senior essay or thesis. You can learn more about the generous research funding that is available by checking out Yale’s Student Grants and Fellowships Database, the Office of Fellowship Programs, and the MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies.

Community Service Abroad

If these interesting choices don’t tempt you to leave campus, consider our international service-oriented offerings. Take a look at Reach Out,Yale Engineers Without Borders, and Yale AIESEC.


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Fellowship and International Summer Award (ISA) funding for international study, research, and internship experiences undertaken by Yale College students in 2016–2017

Funding to Help You See the World

Worried about how you will be able to afford an international experience? The International Summer Award (ISA) provides funding for one summer abroad for every undergraduate who receives financial aid from Yale. ISA funding can help you with a variety of summer experiences, including Yale Summer Session Study Abroad, International Bulldogs Internships, and non-Yale summer study abroad programs.

The World Comes to Yale

Over 3900 international students and scholars from more than 110 countries call Yale University their home-away-from-home. If you are an international student, the Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) is here to assist you with any problems and questions you may have.

Yale and the World

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