Transfer Program

Yale seeks to admit a small number of extraordinary transfer candidates each year. No simple profile of grades, scores, and interests can assure a transfer applicant admission to Yale. 

Yale College welcomes a small number of transfer students each year.  Transfer students begin in either the sophomore or junior year and must enroll at Yale for a minimum of two years (four terms) to qualify for a bachelor’s degree. Students may transfer from fully accredited two- or four-year institutions.

The links on the right side of this page will guide you through the process of applying to Yale as a transfer student, including detailed instructions and frequently asked questions.

If your college experience was delayed or interrupted at any point for five or more years, then you may apply to the Eli Whitney Students Program. Unlike transfer students, Eli Whitney students have the flexibility to attend on a part-time or full-time basis; their tuition costs vary depending on the number of course credits per semester; their Yale Scholarship is capped at the cost of tuition; and on-campus housing is not available.

The Admissions Committee meets once a year in the spring to consider all transfer applicants for the coming academic year. The transfer application deadline is March 1. Applicants will be notified of their admissions decisions by mid-May.