Transfer Program

Should I apply as a first-year applicant or as a transfer applicant?

Students who will have at least a year’s worth of transferable credit but no more than two years’ worth at the time of entry, you should apply for transfer admission. Students who will have less than a year’s worth of transferable credit at the time of entry should apply for first-year admission. Students who will have more than two years’ worth of transferable credit are not be eligible to apply for transfer admission. Note that college credits earned while in high school are not considered transferable credit.

Should I apply as a transfer applicant or as an Eli Whitney applicant?

If your college experience was delayed or interrupted for more than five years, you may be eligible to apply to the Eli Whitney Students Program. While all Yale College students earn bachelor’s degrees from Yale, there are a few differences between the two programs: transfer students must attend Yale full-time, while Eli Whitney students may choose to attend on a part-time or full-time basis. Tuition costs for Eli Whitney students vary depending on the number of credits taken in any given semester. The maximum amount of Yale Scholarship per semester for Eli Whitney students is capped at the cost of tuition. Transfer students are eligible for financial aid up to the full cost of attendance. On-campus housing is available to transfer students, but not Eli Whitney students.  

May transfer applicants schedule an interview?

No. Transfer applicants may not request an interview. After a preliminary review of complete applications, the Admissions Office will offer a select number of transfer applicants an opportunity to interview.

Is the SAT or the ACT required for transfer applicants?

Yes. Transfer applicants must submit results from either the ACT or the SAT. Yale will not consider an application without scores from at least one of these tests. The only exception is for students from countries where these tests are not offered (such as the People’s Republic of China and Iran). If you have previously applied to Yale and submitted official test scores, you will not need to submit them again.  

Is financial aid available for transfer students?

Yes. Transfer students are eligible for the same need-based financial aid as students who enter as freshmen. Yale’s financial aid policies meet 100% of demonstrated financial need for all students, American and international. Financial aid is awarded solely on the basis of financial need; merit-based scholarships are not available. For more information, visit our Financial Aid page.

Which college courses transfer for Yale credit?

College courses that are similar to those available to Yale undergraduates are usually transferable. Yale will not accept credit for courses taken during high school or online, college credits awarded for Advanced Placement Tests, correspondence courses or the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests.

How will I know if the courses I have taken will transfer to Yale?

Yale will not perform credit evaluations prior to admission. The Yale College Dean’s Office evaluates each applicant’s transferable credits after an applicant is offered admission. Admitted students receive a preliminary credit evaluation in their admissions packet. The Dean’s Office will issue an official credit evaluation after receiving an admitted student’s final transcript.

May transfer students attend Yale on a part-time basis?

No. Transfer students must attend Yale on a full-time basis.

Will Yale accept college courses completed in high school as transfer credits?

No. Yale will not evaluate college courses completed while a student was in high school, even if the course was taken on a college campus.

What does a Yale “course credit” mean?

Most semester-long courses in Yale College are worth one Yale course credit. Generally speaking, a Yale course credit is the same as three or four credit hours or four and one-half quarter hours.  

May I transfer to Yale from a community college?

Yes. Yale College admits students from both community colleges and four-year institutions. Please note that all transfer applicants are required to take either the SAT or the ACT Plus Writing regardless of when they completed high school.

May I transfer for the spring semester?

No. Transfer students must enter in the fall term.

When is the application deadline for transfer students?

The transfer deadline is March 1. Please note that transfer students may only apply to begin their studies in the fall semester.

What is the transfer application fee?

$80. Fee waivers are available via the Common Application for students who meet the eligibility criteria.

May I submit my transfer application on paper?

No. All transfer applicants must submit the Common Application’s Transfer Application and the Yale-specific questions online.

How can I confirm that Yale has received my required transfer application material?

The Yale Admissions Status Portal will allow you to view an Application Checklist of all required material and, eventually, your admissions decision. You can also use the Status Portal to request a change of address, change of primary email, etc. Given the volume of our application pool, admissions staff are unable to individually acknowledge receipt of documents over the phone. If there is a concern regarding one of your documents, please email

When and how will I find out my transfer admissions decision?

Transfer applicants will receive their admissions decisions in mid-May through the Yale Admissions Status Portal. Applicants will receive email alert notifying them when decisions are available.

If admitted as a transfer student, will I receive guaranteed on-campus housing?

On-campus housing is not strictly guaranteed, but Yale will make every effort to find students housing in one of Yale’s fourteen residential colleges. 

If admitted as a transfer student, may I defer matriculation for a semester or a year?

Yale rarely allows transfer students to postpone matriculation, but the Office of Undergraduate Admissions will consider requests in exceptional circumstances.

If I am denied admission, may I reapply?

Yes, but you must submit a new application for admission in a subsequent year. A new application fee is also required. Please note that applications will not be considered from individuals who have submitted applications to Yale College more than three times.