Transfer Application Requirements and Deadlines

Application Instructions

The application deadline for transfer admission is March 1. Applicants will receive decisions in mid-May. Yale considers transfer applicants for fall admission only.

Transfer applicants must submit all of the required application material listed below. Most application material can be submitted online via the Common Application. High school and college transcripts, the College Report and the Transfer Mid-Term Report should be mailed to the Admissions Office.

Applicants must use their full legal name on all admissions documents, including transcripts, recommendations, and standardized test results.

Required Application Materials:

$80 Application Fee or Fee Waiver Request

All application payments and fee waiver requests are submitted through the Common Application. If you feel that the college application fee presents a hardship for you and your family, request an application fee waiver directly on the Common Application. More information about fee waivers is available on our our Fee Waiver page.

Academic Evaluations

Academic evaluations must come from individuals who have taught the applicant in a class on a college campus. Letters from others (such as research mentors or supervisors) will be considered supplemental and will not fulfill the academic evaluation requirement

College Report and Transfer Mid-term Report

The College Report and Transfer Mid-term Report are available for download from the Common Application website.

The College Report should be completed by a college official who has access to your full academic and disciplinary record, such as your Dean, Adviser or Registrar. The college official should send the completed form to the mailing address noted at the bottom of this page.

Applicants currently enrolled in college coursework are required to submit the Transfer Mid-term report with in-progress grades for the semester. Applicants attending schools with trimester scheduling should submit the Winter term grades as soon as they are available. The Admissions Committee will evaluate those in lieu of the Transfer Mid-term report. Mid-term reports are due April 20.

Standardized Testing

The SAT or ACT is required for all transfer applicants. The only exception is for students who are currently enrolled in college in countries where the exams are not offered. Please review the Standardized Testing for Transfer Applicants for more information.

Mailing Instructions

U.S. Postal Service

Office of Undergraduate Admissions
Yale University
P.O. Box 208234
New Haven, Connecticut 06520-8234

For materials sent via FedEX, UPS, TNT, DHL, or other private delivery services, please use this street address:

Office of Undergraduate Admissions
Transfer Admissions
Yale University
38 Hillhouse Avenue
New Haven, Connecticut 06511

The fax number for application materials is (203) 436-9775.