New Haven Vintage Store Gift Guide

Happy Holidays! One of my favorite parts about this time of year is getting to pick out gifts for my family and friends. To show you all some of the awesome local offerings in New Haven, I assembled this “gift guide” from EBM Vintage, a store just a few blocks from my apartment. I LOVE this place, even if I am a little biased–my beautiful and elegant friends Marcy (first picture) and Allegra (second picture) work there as salespeople. Here they are, gorgeous as ever!!


Ugh, I love them. Anyway, on with the gift guide!

1. For the culinary genius:

This ornate 1930s picnic set is perfect for your foodie friends. It has all the trappings and is easily transportable. Plus, it gives them something to look forward to once warmer weather arrives!

2. For the sweet dreamer:

This nightgown is as light and pink as cotton candy. It’s lacy, it’s funky, and it has a bow! What more could you want?

3. For the athlete:

Swing the day away with this vintage badminton (I think) racquet. Or, if it’s too pretty to play with, mount it on the wall!

4. For the eagle-eyed:

Speaking of birdies, check out these binoculars! Technically, they’re opera glasses, but who’s to say you can’t take them outside to peep at some pigeons?

5. For the wine afficianado: 

And speaking of glasses, these indigo-hued goblets would raise any dinner party to the next level. Imagine cheersing your friends at the aforementioned picnic, the setting sun glinting off the blue glass. Sublime!

6. For the fruit-lover:

A pin in the shape of a pear? iCarly could never!

7. And, finally, for the glamourpuss:

No caption needed.