Celebrating the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day with Yale Dining

As everyone knows, February is the coldest month. Unless you live south of the equator. But here in New Haven, it’s FREEZING. So freezing that while I was walking to class this morning, my face actually hurt from all the wind scraping at my dry, dry skin. I felt like my entire body was flaking away, like I was getting Thanos-ed. 

Every year, the Yale Hospitality team goes all-out in their efforts to bring some light and warmth to the year’s chilliest 28 days. I always look forward to how the dining halls mark the Super Bowl (Nacho bar! Hot dogs! Wings galore!) and Valentine’s Day (Pretty decorations! Pink things! Heart-shaped watermelon!). 

Here are some photos from last night’s Super Bowl and this morning’s Valentine’s Day festivities:

Nacho bar in Davenport. Photo by my friend Sharon.

MB in Davenport. Photo by my friend Joe.

Banner in Davenport. Vague! But true! Photo by Joe.

A very romantic spa water in Silliman this morning.

Silliman uses this tree for everything–as they should!

Even if you can’t stand the cold, there’s always warmth to be found in the Yale dining halls. That’s true year-round, but it has been especially appreciated this week.