Yale’s Secret Koi Pond

Hi, everyone! For one of my last ever blogs (noooo!), I thought I’d take you on what is probably my favorite walk on all of Yale’s campus. I love climbing all the way up Science Hill (and then some) to see the koi fish in the Marsh Botanical Gardens. Now, they aren’t there all year (not too sound to Holden Caulfield-y, but where do they go in the winter?), but in warmer months, they are the perfect reward at the end of a gorgeous semi-hike. For reference, I live in the heart of downtown, right next to Old Campus, and this walk takes me about 30 minutes from door to koi. 

Step One: Walking Through Central Campus

I leave my off-campus apartment and walk past the New Haven Green, which looking particularly aptly-named in late May. The quiet is pleasant after a crazy week of graduation ceremonies, parties, and emotional processionals!

About six minutes later, I pass my home college of Silliman, which is all decked out for reunions! Shoutout to the class of 2002!

Step Two: Hillhouse Avenue and Science Hill

Hillhouse Avenue, arguably the prettiest street on campus and especially stunning during the summer, is sunny and peaceful. At the top of the eponymous hill is ANOTHER hill, Science Hill. 

I pass one of Yale’s most secret and beautiful benches behind the School of the Environment. No time for sitting–I’m on a mission!

Step Three: Prospect Street and the Marsh Botanical Gardens

This massive old house marks the entrance to the Marsh Botanical Gardens. I duck behind it…

…past the greenhouses…

…along the little path…

…past the helpful sign…

…and there they are!!!

Oh, how I missed these elegant ladies!