New Haven Cafés Celebrate Spring

April is here! As I have written before, this is my favorite month in New Haven. Spring in Connecticut is so pretty! While the weather (as of now), is still somewhat dreary, that doesn’t mean that spring hasn’t sprung all around campus. Recently, I’ve been so impressed by the decorations/offerings in various local cafés that I decided to share three of them with you. Now, I’m not totally sure that these gorgeous works of art are specifically “for spring,” but they sure do fill me with a warm and sunny feeling. 

1. Claire’s Corner Copia

Claire’s is always seasonally decked-out (their Christmas cupcakes are EXQUISITE), but I think they’ve outdone themselves with these window florals. The title image is also from Claire’s!

2. G Café 

G Café just opened a new location on the corner of Park and Chapel this year. The bakery/café is famous for their bread. While I was staring at the epic bread wall, I noticed this charming greenery in the corner. 

3. Atticus Book Store

Atticus is one of my favorite places in New Haven regardless of season. The store combines two of my very favorite things: books and bread. The other day, I saw this pastry while I was purchasing my pre-thesis class caffeine. I personally think that it may be too pretty to eat.