It is Summer Now and Nothing can Convince me Otherwise

She is here. She has appeared after months of hiding to bless us all with her gorgeous warmth and radiance and kindness. Yes…at long last…the SUN has returned. 

Coming from California, I am big-time spoiled when it comes to my sun standards. If I don’t see that gorgeous glowing orb lady for a while, I sure do get antsy. Luckily, Yale, like most colleges, has this wise thing called “spring break” which means that right as you are at your breaking point and you know for SURE that if you don’t experience warmth you’ll shrivel like a tiny sad walnut, you are permitted to leave campus to go photosynthesize elsewhere. And then, conveniently, pretty quickly after spring break…she arrives.

It was so sunny and gorgeous all day Saturday that I couldn’t go inside to save my life. In the morning, I brewed some jasmine tea in my room and then lounged around on the Silliman courtyard sipping and reading this crazy book about political polarization for my history class. I did not absorb any of this book. But you know what I did absorb? Those RAYS. As morning turned to early-afternoon, my friends appeared from their various commitments and we took a lovely walk to Fussy Coffee. From Silliman, Fussy Coffee is about a fifteen-minute stroll on the gorgeously-maintained Farmington Canal Path, which runs behind Ben Frank and Pauli Murray colleges. Then we tried to do work in Fussy Coffee, but we were all too antsy from the sunlight, so we walked BACK to Silliman and did some more hardcore lounging. I tried to do a workout I found in Cosmopolitan magazine, wherein you are supposed to lunge many many times, and I thought it was really fun but then I couldn’t walk the next day!

After “working out,” we took dinner from the dining hall outside and ate veggie burgers and raspberry ice cream in the golden-hour light. As we were eating, an intense animal urge came over us and we all decided to play a rather exuberant and occasionally-violent game of no-rules Spikeball. (If you don’t know, Spikeball is a very popular game on college campuses that is like tennis but the net is round and small and on the ground and you use your hands instead of rackets.)

Once it got too dark to stay outside, we retreated indoors to watch basketball. (If you don’t know, basketball is like Spikeball but the net is in the air instead of on the ground.) I simply could not bring myself to focus on the basketball, but it didn’t matter–I was filled with the bliss of a sunny day, of hanging out with my wonderful friends, of doing absolutely zero homework, and of eating raspberry ice cream. I can’t wait for more days like this as the semester wraps up. Yay!

Beautiful flowering tree on the Silliman Courtyard!