My First Encounter with Influencers

Two String in SSS at Yale

As part of Timothy Dwight (TD) college’s tea series, my Head of College Mary Lui (also known as HL) hosted TwoSetViolin ahead of their world tour. As a part of the tea, there is a dinner component that is limited to a few students as well as a larger lecture/discussion style event between HL and the guests. The dinner was decided by a lottery which I was not so lucky for, but I got early access to the tickets for the talk as a Timothy Dwight student which was very exciting.

After getting the tickets, I stood in a line that wrapped around SSS waiting to enter the auditorium where the event was taking place. While I knew TwoSet was famous enough to be hosting a world tour, I did not expect them to have so much popularity around Yale! The waitlist line stretched in the opposite direction and I had never seen the block around SSS so full before.

Two String performing and showing their photoshoot from their last Yale visit
TwoSet performing a snippet in their opening

The show started a few minutes late as students were getting settled in, and then TwoSet got up on stage and performed a snippet of violin for us. Then, our Head of College HL shocked us with information that TwoSet had actually been guests at TD before they had as much success, where HL fed and sheltered them for a week as broke musicians. Now, they were off to a world tour and made sure to come back to TD, rejecting offers from other universities to perform! 

TwoSet continued for the rest of the night in their Australian accents, cracking jokes and dissing violas with HL before taking audience questions. Around 10pm, HL ushered them off the stage so they could rest up at their hotel before they headed to New York the next day. It was great to get to see them and send them off to their first show!