Field trip down memory lane

Field of apples

All you ever wanted as a child was to be free of the teacher’s itinerary, but now in college life full of responsibilities, it was great to hand over the reins and follow the structured timeline laid out by the supervisor and be shuttled away on a bright yellow school bus. Finally the opportunity came during the Saint Thomas More trip to Bishop’s Orchard for apple picking. The Saint Thomas More Catholic Chapel & Center at Yale University (STM) is much more than just a chapel with its building full of libraries, meeting rooms, and hot breakfasts that foster a devoted community on campus. STM hosts activities regularly that are open to all students regardless of religious affiliation. First we got there in time for breakfast while we waited for the rest of the students and then got on our yellow bus to set off on the adventure.

Saint Thomas Moore

Waffles on a bus
Waffles to go

At the orchard, STM provided us with a bag for apples per two people, which was plenty enough so we decided to share between three. Then, we got our wristbands to enter the fields to pick our own apples. It was super chilly that day, but the clear blue skies made for perfect picture opportunities. We got to mill around the different varieties, sampling apples for a quick snack break here and there. As we arrived in a big group, we had a time reservation and had to leave after almost 2 hours as other residential colleges were bringing their students to the orchards later in the day. 

eating apples on the ground
Snack break

As we hit the time mark, we went back into the bus and drove off to a market 15 minutes away with an assortment of fall snacks such as apple cider, different varieties of donuts, and local dairy products along with normal grocery store produce. There, we fueled up on ice cream and wandered around looking at some random farm animals.

llama/alpaca laying on grass

The bus drove us back to STM and the trip came to an end!