A Spoonful of Delicious Indonesian Food

TOKA restaurant for Spoon University visit

The only thing I love more than food is free food. As an adventurous eater, I’m always eager to try new food, but have the constant internal battle of whether the risk of a bad experience is worth the price. However, that worry has been eliminated after I joined Spoon University at Yale.

As a member of Spoon University, my role as a content creator allows me to try new foods and also publish my opinions about it, which is the perfect combo. Here is my journey as a Spoon University reporter.

First, we were given a budget of $80 (not including tip) for us to experience TOKA Asian Kitchen, an Indonesian restaurant. None of my friends nor I have been up to this exact area since it is closer to East Rock while not directly on the way from Yale’s campus, so it was great to take a stroll in a new neighborhood.

TOKA Asian Kitchen interior
good vibes!

The restaurant was decorated super cutely, and we ordered the restaurant’s specialties, ending with a fried plantain dessert which wrapped up dinner quite nicely.

enjoying a nice meal at TOKA
devouring our meal

Fried Plantain Ice Cream dessert
perfect summary to the meal (peep the spoons ;))

This experience is just one example out of many of how extracurricular activities at Yale can be purely for enjoyment and to try new things. As I’d never written food content before, this could very much be the launching point for my food critic career. Had I never joined this club, I also would have never had the chance to explore this side of New Haven! Who knows what else is in store for the future. The important thing is to always be on the lookout to try new things.