Field trip time! Wandering around Connecticut

Sitting at Grace Farms

After seeing numerous posts highlighting this building’s unique architecture, I just knew I had to visit Grace Farms. Grace Farms is a cultural and humanitarian center dedicated to removing forced labor from the built environment. Additionally, Grace Farms is an architectural wonder designed by Japanese firm SANAA. Many courses at Yale in the Environmental Studies and Architecture majors even take students on a field trip here, so I knew I had to come here on my own field trip to experience it myself.

I gathered up two other friends and a car and drove for only 30 minutes to reach our destination. It felt so freeing to drive through so much open space away from the hustle and bustle of campus life while staying close enough to make it back in time for dinner. 

As we got to Grace Farms, we went to the visitor center and got an overview of the place which spans many many acres. Since it was pouring that day, we decided to stay with the main building and not go outside to explore the vast outdoor areas.

Enjoying the view on chairs at Grace Farms
Leaf peeping in the rain

First, we went to the bottom of the building and made our way up. We went to the tea tasting area and tried out all the different types of teas they offered there as a refreshing first stop. Then, we visited the basketball courts only to find it full of children there for an activity. 

Activity filled basketball courts
Activity-filled basketball courts

As we walked up the river building, we stopped by the library, learning about the history of the wood used in the architecture and enjoyed the ambiance of the building with floor to ceiling windows highlighting the environment. 

Curves of the river building
Unending curves of the River Building

Lastly, we stopped by the cafeteria and ate tomato soup and grilled cheese which is a classic at Grace Farms.

Cafeteria at Grace Farms
Cozy cafeteria

Steamy tomato soup
Steamy bowl of tomato soup perfect for the rainy weather

Connecticut may be overshadowed by its neighbor, New York, but with a little exploring, it’s possible to find such a gem right in your backyard!