Skate Into My Heart

Hanging out next to ice skating rink with TD friends

Ahhh Valentine’s Day! The embodiment of romance and every single’s worst nightmare. That is unless you’re a student in Timothy Dwight College and your wonderful Head of College (HL - Mary Lui in particular) puts on an event the night before Valentine’s Day to take us all ice skating at a local rink! The event was so well organized beginning with a smooth-sailing bus system all the way to the ice rink that TD booked out. There, we also got to enjoy tasty doughnut hole snacks and hot chocolate by the fireside as a break from skating.

To start off the night, my friends and I got on the perfectly timed bus to head over the ice rink. Even though my friend Valerie isn’t in TD (:( very unfortunate) we got the option to bring a +1 to include more people in the loving TD community <3.

bus buddies!
Bus buddies!

Even though the event itself was for Valentine’s Day, most people spent time with their friends, practicing their ice skating skills. It was definitely interesting to watch ex-figure skater friends do tricks on ice while I simultaneously clutched another friend who had never been on the ice before. For the people who were in relationships, they got the added bonus of having the ultimate romantic moment.

Photo dump from the night:

At the ice rink!
Just arrived at the rink!

Walking into ice rink
POV: you are walking into the ice rink

snack break next to ice rink
Yummy snack break by the fireplace

Bernice dragging along balloons on ice
Fly Bernice fly! Romance is in the air

Falling on ice
Oh no

Valentine goodie bags
TD Goodie Bags