International Student Questions

Selecting a category is strongly recommended.
Selecting a category is strongly recommended.
Selecting a category is strongly recommended.
Selecting a category is strongly recommended.

The policies for international students applying for transfer admissions to Yale College are the same as those for domestic students. Please see for details of the application process.

Please review the information at carefully. Yale requires that all applicants submit either the ACT with Writing, or the SAT with the essay section. Exceptions are made only in very rare circumstances, only as outlined on the website above. A-Level exams and English proficiency exams such as TOEFL and IELTS are never accepted as replacements for the ACT or SAT.   

The Yale Admissions Office is familiar with AP, IB, and A-Level courses and does not prefer one particular type of curriculum. Enrolled Yale undergraduate students typically use their AP or IB exam scores to enroll in a more advanced introductory level-course and do not use exams for course credit. For more information, visit ​

Please visit to see the last possible test date for consideration in the Early Action and Regular Decision rounds. Note that Yale cannot guarantee the receipt of standardized test scores sent by a given date.

Students at Yale must be able to express themselves fluently in spoken and written American English. If you are not a native English speaker and you haven’t received at least two years of secondary education in an English-medium curriculum, Yale strongly recommends that you take a tests for non-native English speakers. Information is available at

Yale’s review of high school transcripts is holistic and contextual. For advice on selecting courses within your high school, it is best to speak with a school counselor or college advisor. For information on what Yale looks for and our advice on selecting high school courses, please visit and

International students follow the same procedures and use the same application forms as domestic students applying to Yale. For the purposes of applying for admission and financial aid, students will not need to identify themselves as a “domestic student” or an “international student.” Yale’s evaluation process is the same for all applicants regardless of citizenship or immigration status. For more information visit

The estimated cost of attendance for the current school year can be found at Please note that this is only an estimate, and does not include need-based financial aid awards.

Detailed instructions on applying for financial aid can be found at Note that the application process for undergraduate admission and undergraduate financial aid are separate and require submitting separate materials. International financial aid applicants may be asked to submit additional materials.

Yale’s financial aid awards meet 100% of a family’s demonstrated financial need for all admitted students, domestic and international. The Yale Admissions Office is “need-blind” for domestic and international students, meaning that a student’s financial need does not hurt their chances of admission. For more information about Yale’s financial aid policies, visit Note that Yale does not offer any merit-based scholarships. All financial aid is awarded on the basis of financial need, as determined in the financial aid application process.

Yale requires letters of recommendation from two academic teachers. A recommender must have taught the student in an academic subject for credit. Although letters from junior or senior year teachers are not required, these teachers typically write the most insightful letters of recommendation for applicants. Yale does not encourage supplemental letters of recommendation. For more information visit

Applicants may only request a application fee waiver through the Common Application or Coalition Application when completing the application online. Please read for more information. Please do not request an admissions fee waiver directly from the Yale Admissions Office.

Students must submit official copies of standardized test scores directly from the testing agency. For more information visit and

All applicants must submit an official record of all academic work conducted during secondary school. If you have attended multiple secondary schools or completed college-level course work, you must submit official records from all sources. It is acceptable to have your current secondary school submit their official record of academic work completed elsewhere. For more information visit

If your application materials include any documents that are not in English - such as transcripts or letters of recommendation - you must provide Yale with an official English translation in addition to the original documents. Translations by school officials or third party translation services are considered official.

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Yale does not track communication with our office or any type of demonstrated interest in the admissions process.