The Coalition Application

The Coalition Application is one of three ways to apply to Yale for first-year admission. See if the Coalition Application is right for you. 

Yale is a member of the Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success, a new application platform offered by a diverse group of more than 100 public and private US colleges and universities. Every Coalition institution provides need-based financial aid or low-cost in-state tuition, and has a six-year graduation rate of at least 70%. Yale’s six-year graduation rate is 97%.

The Coalition Application is one of three ways to apply to Yale for first-year admission. Yale has no preference for one type of application over another. Submit one - and only one - application per admissions cycle.

Reasons why the Coalition Application might be right for you: 

  • The Coalition Application allows students to enter personal information once that will populate the applicable sections of all their Coalition applications. Note that Yale also requires applicants to respond to several Yale-specific supplemental questions.
  • Applicants submitting the Coalition Application to Yale are asked to upload a digital file of their creation along with a short reflection. See Essay Topics for more information.  
  • The Coalition Application provides a free set of tools and resources for students, counselors, community-based organizations, teachers and other mentors who assist with the process of applying to college.
  • The Coalition Application provides a private online space called the Locker, where students can collect and organize digital material that might help them prepare for their college search, preparation, and application process. Only students have access to their Locker – however, they can share individual items from it with counselors or mentors for feedback and guidance. Students can also choose to attach selected items from the Locker to individual college applications based on college preferences. College admissions officers will not see what a student stores in the Locker and will not have access to any materials in a student’s Locker other than those included with a college application.

Please note: prospective students should not invite Yale admissions staff to collaborate on any items uploaded to the Locker, or invite them as a contact via the Coalition platform. Demonstrated interest is not a factor in Yale’s decision-making process.

The Coalition Application and Yale-specific questions will be available by September 1. To create an account, visit  

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