My Love of Zambonis

Ok, ok, I just posted a blog. in fact it might have been less than 49 hours ago…

But I can’t contain my excitement.

Yale Men’s Hockey is # 1 in the nation. Not in the state or region, but the nation.

Check it out :

It’s my favorite thing about the winter season at Yale.  First of all, you are in a funky stadium shaped like an animal. Guess which one:

The Whale-like profile of Ingalls rink.

If you guessed squirrel, you were incorrect.

Besides that, the energy in the stadium each game is enormous. Every seat is filled. In fact, at the Renssalear Polytechnic Institute game on Friday, I actually had to crouch in one of the aisles because there were no more seats. The Yale Precision Marching Band is blaring Lady Gaga or Ce-Lo while every student stands on their seats cheering. Add a couple of aggressive skaters crashing into wall after wall and you have a great time. Not only is our team great, but the whole school is backing them the entire way.

Here are some highlights for the 2009 season:

At this rate, I am going to plan on saving money to travel to the NCAA Frozen Four game, whatever area of the country that may be. That’s when the top four teams at the end of the season play each other in the finals.

The interior of Ingalls rink, with hockey players practicing on the ice.