Postcards from Spring Break!

In my 4 spring breaks at Yale, I have been whisked away to Japan, Hawaii, St. Louis, Colombia, and Ecuador. As a member of the Yale Alley Cats and the Yale Whiffenpoofs, it was always exciting to find out where our next performance tours would lead us.

Michael and his sister in formalwear, in a crowd outside of a church.
That’s my sister (PC ’15) and me after our Glee Club concert in Matanzas, Cuba!

This spring, the Yale Glee Club took me (and almost 80 Glee Club members!) to Florida and Cuba. While it felt like a vacation, we also participated in meaningful cultural exchange, singing with the best choruses in Cuba like Coro Entrevoces, Coro de Camara de Matanzas, and the Carolina choral groups.

Even though it’s a break, Yalies never stop doing awesome things, even at home. Here are a few postcards from some of my friends’ awesome breaks.

A girl standing by the ocean.
Johanna, TD ’15 | Barbados, on a field trip (!) to Barbados with G&G 212, Global Tectonics
“Me atop ocean sediments on Barbados’s Gold Coast.”

High school students with Yale brochures and fliers.
Sammy, BR ’17 | Chicago (home!)
“After visiting some family in Boston, I headed home to Chicago where I visited local high schools as a Yale Student Ambassador and spent time with family and friends. Here are some high school students learning about Yale!”

An aerial view of a marina filled with dozens of boats.
Eddie, BR ’17 | Puerto Rico (home!)
“ ‘Villa Marina’ in Fajardo, Puerto Rico houses dozens of boats that are used for recreational fishing. It is utterly impressive watching all of them depart and return together at sunrise and sunset.”

Three men lean against a large pillar by the ocean.
Chris, ES ’15 | Puerto Rico
“Out exploring Puerto Rico and visiting family with two of my best friends!”

Stephanie in England with her dad after his graduation, wearing his mortarboard.
Stephanie, JE ‘17 | England (home!)
“Seeing my dad graduate from college… looking forward to wearing that hat for real in three years time.” 

Members of the "Mixed Company" vocal group strike poses inside a row of phone booths.
Sonya, TD ‘15 | Bermuda (Mixed Company a cappella performance tour)
“Mixed Company hanging out in some Bermudian phone booths and on Horseshoe Bay Beach over spring tour in Bermuda!”

Here’s MixedCo in Bermuda, one more time!