Victory Lap

Attending Yale is the opportunity of a lifetime. I know how lucky I am to have spent my “Bright College Years” in such a wonderful place, surrounded by even better people. I also know that I am deserving of my time here. It’s easy (and common) to feel imposter syndrome while at Yale – and even easier to feel like a statistic, like a cog in the machine…like my existence at this Institution will cease upon graduation. However, this semester I have seen that yes, though I am a tiny stitch in a colossal quilt of genius, creativity, and passion, I am also important and have made an impact on this place. Saying I was a part of Yale is inaccurate because I will forever be a part of Yale. 


With the risk of sounding cliché, four-ish years went by in the blink of an eye. The days quickly turn into weeks that rapidly turn into months and now, I have graduated. I know that in my time at Yale, even though I didn’t reinvent the wheel or be elected Class President or win any academic awards, I played a role that shaped many other people’s college experiences. I was an encouraging, positive teammate, showing up to practice every day ready to give 110% for myself, for my team, and for Yale. I was a good friend, learning how to truly open up to those closest to me, how to love unconditionally, and how to apologize when I was in the wrong. I was a curious student, and though maybe not always the smartest student in the room, I was attentive and inquisitive, and passionate. I made a short film (see my other blog posts about this), and in doing so, facilitated friendships, and further cultivated people’s love of performing and art and filmmaking. I brought positive and creative energy to the Yale Film Alliance and the Yale Student Film Festival boards. I explored outside of the Yale bubble, I helped the New Haven community through volunteering, I made friends from every corner of the world. I appreciated every second I got here.

With my roommates Kiki and Riley at Graduation in May!

On the bus to a swim meet Junior Year!

This last semester at Yale felt like a victory lap. I got to cherish the memories I made over the past few years while creating new ones. My time was running out, and for the first time here, I was able to slow down (hence, the victory lap) and actively tell myself “remember this view” “remember this moment”. Nobody here is just a student or a statistic. Everyone here is deserving of this experience and is much more important than they may feel at times, especially when they get a bad grade, get rejected from a job, fight with a friend, or have a bad day.

Over the finish line, we go. But I guess it’s not truly over, knowing that I will always be a Bulldog. Thank you, Yale, For the greatest four-ish years. I am so much wiser, empathetic, and grateful than my eighteen-year-old self could have imagined becoming.