Senior Traditions at Yale: Senior Sushi Night

Photo of my friends at senior sushi night

As I am writing this blog post, I am still in denial of the fact that I am a second-semester senior at Yale. Throughout these past few years at Yale, I always brushed aside upperclassmen’s comments about how time flies when at Yale. As much as I looked forward to all of the senior events and the prospect of having a bathroom to myself, the thought of having to leave my friends and the comfortable confines of college made me queasy. Fortunately, I still have a few months before graduation, and I am determined to make the most of these short months, whether that may be completing my bucket list items, attending senior class events, or spending quality time with my friends.

photo of my 3 friends with sushiphoto of my friends showing matcha icecream
My lovely friends whom I plan on spending more time with  ◡̈

To kick off the new semester, my residential college (Timothy Dwight) hosted its annual Senior Sushi Night at the Head of College House. While there are university-wide senior events such as the Senior Masquerade and Senior Week events, there are also many residential college-specific events for seniors, Senior Sushi Night being one of them.

After hearing my upperclassmen friends rave about the event in prior years, I had high expectations for the event and I was not disappointed at all. For the event, Timothy Dwight hired sushi chefs at Sono Bana restaurant in Hamden to serve an assortment of their special rolls and nigiri. Besides being able to eat sushi to our heart’s content (trust me, there was more than enough for everyone), the Senior Sushi Night event also boasted a delicious dessert finisher of matcha ice cream with red bean and an in-house bartender for 21+ seniors.

Fresh sushi prepared by the chefbartender and students looking at the drink options
Sushi is the best tool for any social gathering

Since we all just came back from winter break, the event was a great opportunity for seniors to catch up with each other after a long hiatus. Besides the intimate gathering of the class of 2024, we were also joined by our wonderful Head of College, HL, and Dean, Dean Mahurin. To top off the already incredible evening, the Head of College house where the dinner took place was artfully decorated with lanterns and flower arrangements with colorful lights (a necessity for the dark winters of the East Coast).

Maggie holding a drink and smilingyingying waving at the camera with her nigiri
Maggie and Yingying showcasing their sushi haul

Even though this event was a wake-up call for my dwindling time here at Yale, I could not have asked for a better way to start the new semester. Surrounded by my closest friends and accompanied by delicious food, I left the event feeling completely satisfied, both from my friendships and from my multiple trips to the sushi station and servings of ice cream.

olivia stocking up on sushijhon also stocking up on sushi
Olivia and Jhon stocking up for the night