Embracing Fall at Yale

Pumpkin carving with friends

Even though the cooling temperatures and earlier sunsets are bittersweet, the transition to Fall at Yale comes with its wonders and excitement. Besides the captivating colors of the leaves that adorn Hillhouse Avenue (the street that Charles Dickens and Mark Twain deemed as “the most beautiful street in America”), Fall at Yale also means a plethora of Fall activities available for students to participate in. From Yale College’s organized events and residential college activities with friends, fall events at Yale make the campus a truly enchanting place during this season.

One of the highlights of fall at Yale is my annual escape room adventure. Escape New Haven, conveniently located near Timothy Dwight College, becomes a hub of excitement whenever Halloween comes around with its signature ‘scary rooms.’ For us Timothy Dwight students, this is a tradition that we eagerly anticipate every year. The escape room challenge tests not only our problem-solving skills but also our ability to work as a team. Despite the initial confusion in the room, my friends and I managed to conquer the room with time to spare, leaving us with unforgettable memories and laughter.

Post escape room photo
A successful escape from “The Crypt” from the Chipmunks ◡̈

Another cherished tradition at Yale is the art of pumpkin carving. With autumn in full swing and the anticipation of Halloween in the air, it’s the perfect time to let our creative sides shine. This is another yearly tradition for Timothy Dwight students, and best of all, the annual pumpkin carving event is synonymous with desserts and apple cider. Like a true Swifty, a friend of mine decided to pay homage to Taylor Swift’s “1989” by carving a themed pumpkin, adding a modern twist to this classic event.

Pumpkin carving action picture Me with my finished pumpkin
An action photo and a proud pumpkin mother

Fall in New England also typically entails trips to the orchard. From student-group organized activities, to residential college-sponsored events, be prepared to see many Instagram stories of students’ apple-picking adventures. This year, I went to Bishop’s Orchards with my friends. Walking through the orchards and selecting the juiciest apples is a great study break since it allows us to appreciate the beauty of nature and savor the simple joys that autumn offers. Best of all, we get to keep a stash of fresh apples, ready to be consumed at a moment’s notice.

Apple picking treats Apple picking self timer photo
Post apple picking treats are a must!

Finally, it is not Fall at Yale without Halloween-related spooky activities. Yale College Council-sponsored events, like the Trail of Terror in Wallingford, CT are the epitome of fall fun. While it may not be the most terrifying experience, it’s an adventure that is best enjoyed with friends. As my friends and I navigated the eerie path, laughter and screams filled the air as we bonded over shared scares and excitement.

Picture before entering the Trail of Terror
Before we were scared in the Trail of Terror 

All in all, the plethora of events hosted by the Yale College Council, residential colleges, and various clubs makes the Yale fall experience even more enchanting. Whether it’s a traditional pumpkin carving session, a wholesome apple-picking trip, a heart-pounding escape room adventure, or a spooktacular Haunted Trail, there’s something for everyone. Even though I am not a fan of the cooler weather, I love that the campus comes alive during the fall, bringing students together to create memories that will last a lifetime.