New Haven During the Summer

Taking pictures of fireworks during the Fourth of July

For the few lucky people who have stayed in New Haven during the summer, there are some things that simply make it special. Whether it be for summer courses, being a residential counselor for Yale’s various summer programs, or for research at one of Yale’s many labs, summer in New Haven is completely different from New Haven during the academic year.

Most obviously, the weather is much warmer. Although some may complain about the humidity, compared to New York City, New Haven’s climate is much more desirable during the summer. Another obvious difference between New Haven during the summer and the academic year is the amount of people on campus. Even though New Haven can feel quite lonely with the decreased volume of students and my friends being in a completely different time zone, I quite enjoy the ability to visit Yale’s libraries and walk on campus without the sheer volume of students. Although the lack of students on campus makes Yale seem less lively during the summer, it is quite the opposite, with Yale being much livelier during the summer.

Another difference between Yale during the summer and the school year is the slower pace of life. Perhaps this is a projection of how I feel due to the lack of classes and a considerable decrease in social functions. Whether it is a unique summer in New Haven experience or not, I enjoy my calmer and slower pace of life as it is a great way to relax before the upcoming school year and provides me the perfect opportunity to slow down and take in New Haven without having to rush to a meal or a class.

Although it seems like I am glamorizing Yale during the summer, truth be told, the best time to be on campus is during the initial move-in period. When students arrive back on campus, the joyous laughs of friends reuniting, and new friendships blossoming is not like any other. While campus life speeds up drastically during the last 2 weeks of August, many students move in before classes begin for this informal “Camp Yale” period in the days before classes start. Camp Yale is one of my favorite times at Yale. The excitement for classes and the upcoming academic year is at an all-time high. Unfortunately, as a senior, this is the last time I will experience such an excitement rumbling through Yale. 

Late night summer walks in New Haven
Late night walks with friends before classes start