I met Anderson Cooper! - Chubb Fellows of TD

picture with Anderson Cooper

It is commonly known amongst students at Yale that they are bound to meet famous and impressive individuals who have made a large impact on society. From residential college teas to university-wide speaker and club events, I have had my fair share of celebrity run-ins. A less well-known opportunity to meet impressive campus visitors is the Chubb Fellowship, a visiting lecture program hosted by Timothy Dwight College that brings local, national, and international leaders to campus. This year’s Chubb Fellow is Anderson Cooper, the renowned journalist, television personality, and Yale alum.

talk with Anderson Cooper
Speaker event with Anderson Cooper

The Chubb Fellowship was established in 1936 thanks to a generous donation from Hendon Chubb. The fellowship’s purpose is to invite distinguished individuals from a variety of fields to share their experiences and perspectives with both the Yale and New Haven community. Some notable Chubb fellows include prominent figures such as Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison, and George H.W. Bush, among others.

The main event hosted by the Chubb Fellowship is the opportunity to attend a talk by the fellow. This year, I attended Anderson Cooper’s talk where he discussed his experiences as a journalist, his passion for storytelling, and his travels around the world. The event was insightful and engaging, but the real highlight was attending an intimate dinner with Anderson Cooper afterwards. 

TD meets Anderson Cooper
Anderson Cooper meets students in TD

td meets Anderson Cooper
My friend Isa speaking with Mr. Cooper

Another fantastic aspect of the Chubb Fellowship is the opportunity to meet individuals from various fields. Last year, violinist Hilary Hahn visited Yale as a Chubb Fellow. Although I am not a musician, these interactions provide students with a unique opportunity to gain insights into different industries and to learn from accomplished professionals.

One of the many things that make Yale so special is the fantastic events and opportunities available to students. The Chubb Fellowship is one such opportunity, providing students with the chance to meet and engage with accomplished individuals from a variety of fields. Since this is hosted by TD, as a proud Lion, I can’t help but feel fortunate to have been a part of it.