Formal Season at Yale

formal picture

Formals at Yale are a highlight of our social calendars. The provide a much-needed opportunity to dress up, enjoy good food and music, and spend time with friends and classmates. A typical semester includes class-wide formals and smaller events hosted by clubs, greek organizations, and residential colleges.

Class-wide events and are often hosted in Commons. Because these are one of the few opportunities to interact with the entirety of your class, just about everyone will make it a priority to attend. Some of the most popular class-wide formals are the First-Year Formal and the Senior Masquerade.

sophomore formal
Throwback to sophomore formal

Each residential college also hosts formals every semester, either in their residential college or at a local venue. Sometimes, the formals have a fun theme, such as the JE spider ball (their mascot is a spider), but most of the time, residential college formals are a relaxed way to connect to your college classmates. The Timothy Dwight College formal is one of my favorite residential college events.

td formal
TD formal <3

Many clubs and student organizations also host their own formals. The Yale Women and Gender Minorities in Computer Science club hosts an extravagant formal at the end of the school year. Sororities and fraternities also host a wide range of formals and events. While some are more exclusive, other events such as Crushes, where members invite their friends to a formal, allow non sorority members to join in on the fun.

I thought this was a cool photo of NOA (many restaurants in New Haven are venues for formals)

Formals at Yale are a fantastic way to interact with people in your college, meet new people, and enjoy a fun night out. The best part about Yale formals is that they provide students with the perfect excuse for a study break!

acting silly
Thankful to be Ella’s “crushes”