Pizza at the Farm

Drizzling sauce onto a pizza before putting it in the oven.

Friday! It was another one of those glorious Friday afternoons. The sun is out, classes are over for the week, and everyone is out and about, enjoying the space and time. My friends and I made our way up to the Yale Farm, a short 15-minute walk away from Old Campus, for a Friday tradition, fresh, handmade, brick-oven pizza!

My friend Kate and Hannah works at the farm, and they are part of a group of student who collectively plant and work the magic throughout the year to produce these organic foods. The rest of us came to help out with the farming.

We chitchat as we make our way to the rows of vegetables by the greenhouses, picking up shovels and other tools on the way. It was beet-planting day. Scooping up the seeds and feeling the soil on my fingers, I felt very much responsible for soon-to-be baby beets.

Toward the end of the working day is another highlight: pizza! Even though New Haven is well known for its phenomenal pizza, handmade pizza at the farm is a whole other experience. Most of the ingredient is straight from our farm, and the unique mix of each pizza is a foodie’s paradise.

The finished pizza, fresh out of the oven.

After eagerly wolfing down the treat, a group of us broke off to play Ultimate Frisbee on the nearby hillside. We were a little too busy having fun, so the only photos I have are of the pizza. Enjoy!