What are the Bulldog Bloggers doing over spring break?

For some reason, I’ve always loved the spring semester much more than the fall. The weather gets warmer and the assortment of flowers all come to life around the different corners of campus. Perhaps, some of my enthusiasm for the spring could also be attributed to the two week long spring break, timed perfectly in the middle of the semester. Yalies do a variety of things over break - from sitting down with a good book to leading YIRA trips to Rio to study urbanism post-Olympics. The two weeks is the perfect amount of time to both relax, unwind, and explore a bit or engage with a hobby that you haven’t had time to do. I asked the blog team to see what everyone is doing for break, and here’s what everyone’s up to!


My roommate and I are going to spend a week in Montreal doing some fun tourist stuff, then I’m coming back to New Haven to catch up on homework. I don’t have time to visit home but my Aunt who lives in Hartford is going to stop by and I am going to show her around New Haven. I also want to spend a day in New York City visiting some friends.


I’m going on a solo trip throughout Eastern Europe: Berlin, Germany –> Prague, Czech Republic –> Vienna, Austria. The trip will be 11 days, and I’m excited to explore such beautiful cities in beautiful weather. I love traveling alone because I’m able to set my own schedule (and take naps whenever I want to). Plane tickets and other accommodations are really cheap when you book in advance, so this will be a really nice budget trip! 


Over spring break, I will be facilitating and recording an album for Shades. The album will feature 14-15 songs, which is going to take a large amount of work but I’m so excited to be honest. Throughout this entire year, we have all been preparing for this album, so it’s something that we’re all looking forward dot. We will also be touring in Boston, MA for a weekend!


I will be traveling to Spain with two other Stiles sophomores, one of whom is my suitemate.  We will be flying into Barcelona, then going to Granada, Seville, and flying out of Madrid.  


I’m headed up to Boston to visit old friends first before flying to China for the second part of the FACES conference in Beijing. In the meantime, I’m thinking about writing for a print publication on campus, The Yale Globalist, to produce a narrative piece.


I will stay on campus for the first couple of days to relax on my own and give tours as a Tour Guide. Afterwards, I am going back home to Brooklyn where I will visit family and hang out with friends.


I’ll be heading from Washington DC to North Carolina with my a cappella group The New Blue on tour. After that my dad and I will be flying out to Kenya to do some evaluations on Mpala Ranch (he’s the US climate envoy) where I’ll hopefully develop a photography show and volunteer!