How To Put On a Yale Performance (In 5 Easy Steps!)

Last year I joined Sabrosura: Yale’s Latin Dance Team, marking the beginning of one of my greatest undergraduate experiences yet. I had never danced before coming to Yale, but with lots of love and support from my teammates, I was dancing bachata in no time. This year I stepped up as Sabro president, so in addition to dancing, I’ve been responsible for keeping the team on track to perform at our end-of-semester showcase, inspiring the following How-To:/p>

Putting on a Yale Performance in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Join a group or make your own

There are over 50 performance groups at Yale, ranging from experimental theater (like Control Group) to more traditional performance (like Yale Ballet) to even more traditional arts (like Baile Folklorico). With so many options, you’re sure to find your fit! Once you’ve joined, get comfortable. You’ll be spending lots of time with these people, and if you’re not careful, they might just turn out to be your best friends

The Sabrosura team making funny faces for a group photo.

  1. Start rehearsing

With over fifteen dance studios and rehearsal spaces, Yale makes it easy to find a spot to perfect your moves. Chances are there’s even a studio in your residential college!<

Students practicing in Branford dance studio.

  1. Find a performance space

So you’re ready to showcase your newfound talents? Talk with Yale College Undergraduate Production. They’ll help you reserve your performance space.

Looking for anintimate setting? Go for the Calhoun Cab.  If you’re expecting a larger audience and need more room to run, you’ll definitely want to use Off Broadway Theater!

If you’re looking for a light designer, try the campus theater community. You could even take on a position as their assistant. Most students doing lights didn’t do it before coming to Yale, and you’ll become very popular with your dance and theater friends needing help before shows!

Poster for &quot;Me Encanta&quot;, a Sabrosura off-broadway theatre production.

  1. Two words: Tech. Week.

You’ve worked hard all semester; now it’s time to put it all together! As any performer knows, tech week has a reputation for being long and hard and time consuming, but it is ultimately fun and rewarding to see months-worth of preparation pay off.

Dance partners with a bouqet of roses.

  1. Showtime!

Students dancing in male-female pairs during a Sabrosura show.