Like many other people, and mammals too I suppose, I’m attracted to bright colors. Consequently, while visiting colleges, I often found myself gravitating towards bulletin boards that had been plastered in various highlighter tones. Even during the excitement of Bulldog Days, I found myself standing in from of the boards, trying to truly wrap my head around all the student activities on campus.  I was reminded of this today when, upon leaving class, one black and white poster with poetry caught my attention.  Upon arriving back to my room, I decided to head back outside with a camera and show you guys exactly what I mean.

Glass display cases inside a campus gate containing fliers and posters.

Handpainted posters for various events on a campus walkway.

A bulletin board by a campus gate, covered in a variety of fliers.

A poster promoting the Yale Glee Club's 2011-2012 season performances.

A campus bulletin board covered in fliers; several read "Mitchell Dubey, you will never be forgotten"