A Decor Showcase

Yale dorm bedroom wall decorated with various posters, a collage, and fairy lights

As it gets colder in New Haven, it gets harder and harder to want to leave my room and face the elements. Right now the main element outside is wind, and I am not a fan. Therefore, I end up spending a lot of free time in my room and suite. This also extends to me spending a lot of time within Trumbull at large, maneuvering through the tunnels connecting my room to the dining hall, buttery, or laundry room. Mainly, I have made my suite my oasis that also serves as a library, entertainment room, and kitchen (very liberal use of the term kitchen). 

As I spend more time here, I find myself appreciating how cozy my suite is, which comes as a collective effort from my suitemate and me wanting to rectify our past non-cozy suites. I personally think it is very cute and cohesive in theme. The theme: cozy. Don’t just take my word for it: here are some highlights of my common room and bedroom, as well as an overall look at a Yale dorm!

tapestry with a chubby black and white cat with a pink background

Both my suitemate and I have cats back home. We both have other pets (she has dogs, I have fish), but we both absolutely admire cats and how goofy they can look. This tapestry cat looks very similar to my own cat, especially in the stomach area. With the pastel salmon background, this wall art makes the common room very silly and snazzy and some other adjective that begins with an s. The star lights above also make the room literally shine, and although they’ve been up since August, they are very in theme with the Christmas decorations you’ll see sprinkled throughout the room. 

mini christmas tree next to a fireplace

This little guy is a new and limited edition to the common room, but this is my friend’s adorable Christmas tree. It already has a present underneath, and the number of presents will grow in the next two weeks that we are still on campus. We’re also crafting tree ornaments, adding the newly painted accessories tree as we go through the season. The fireplace in the background is here year-round but it is not functional, just very pretty!

Yale dorm bedroom wall decorated with various posters, a collage, and fairy lights

Now this is a sneak peek of my bedroom, displaying the corner I enjoy looking at most. I have a lot of posters from before Yale, and others I have collected during my time which I love to have on display. I also like making art and have some of my paintings hanging up, as well as a makeshift collage on the wall in which I’m challenging myself to add handouts and flyers from campus activities from the year (post on breaking down this collage coming soon!). The fairy lights are a college dorm staple at this point, and while a bit basic, they are very cute. 

red sofa chair with a black circle table, posters, Yale pennant, floor lamp, and a mini fridge and microwave in view

One final corner of the suite I adore is this rather simple corner with the Yale-provided sofa chair. The table is not Yale provided, but it was a purchase heavily inspired by Bass Library and its lovely little circle tables lining the library windows. This chair is within reach of our fridge and microwave, feeding me after dinner hours and making up our makeshift kitchen. I also love the Yale pennant, as if we might forget what school we go to and therefore need a reminder. The wall decor is my direct influence, while the Christmas sign is my suitemate’s. I love the look we have, and I’m excited to see what else we add as we go through the year.