Friday the 13th on campus!

5 students are standing around a table with various candies and utensils for making caramel apples

Halloween festivities have always been my favorite part of the fall season, and those who agree with me are extremely lucky when it comes to campus celebrations. There’s no shortage of fun things to experience on regular Fridays, and the 13th heightens the opportunities. There’s a chill in the air, so it’s time to bust out those cute sweaters and relax with some friends! All week my friends and I were looking forward to Friday the 13th, and it certainly did not disappoint.

First, we went to a Sophomore Study Break hosted by Yale’s Sophomore Class Council in one of the common spaces of a residential college. There was a caramel apple bar and a screening of Coraline. I personally believe that Coraline is one of the best movies ever created, so I loved the event. All types of different organizations routinely host study breaks with snacks and goodies throughout the year, particularly when the workload gets heavier, but this one was definitely my favorite so far. There are a myriad of ways to get involved with planning events for your peers on campus (through residential college councils, clubs, etc.) but class councils are a great place to start! 

Image of the movie Coraline playing on a television.

Watching Coraline in the Berkeley Mendenhall Room!

Then, we went to Nightmare on Orange Street presented by Crafters of Color in downtown New Haven. There was a little something for everyone! The event had over 15 vendors with lots of local artists, an art show, a DJ, and a screening of Get Out. We watched others participate in flash tattoos and a scavenger hunt. The event was only a 10-minute walk from campus, but we couldn’t stay the whole time so we had to divide and conquer. I ended up perusing the vendors and watching a DJ screen different music videos. 

Vendors at one of the Halloween-themed events in downtown New Haven.

Vendors and their stalls at Nightmare on Orange St.

Lastly, we went to a Yale versus Harvard women’s volleyball game. One of my biggest regrets first-year was not going to more sporting events, so I’ve been working to change that this year. Yale beat Harvard 3-0, a glorious sight to watch. Usually we can get pretty close seats at the games, but it was packed this time with roaring fans. We ended up towards the top of the stands. The last few minutes were intense to witness, but after Yale won, the crowd erupted. A top-tier celebration with a packed crowd! 

Cheering on the Yale Women’s Volleyball team. Boola Boola!

With so many events constantly happening on campus, it can be really easy to feel that fear of missing out, especially as you’re juggling schoolwork and other commitments. I follow accounts on Instagram like @downtownnhv and so I can learn about events early-on and prioritize which ones I’d like to attend. There are always events that I’m sad I have to miss, but that’s also one of the things I love most about Yale: there are so many ways to plan your day and make your Yale experience unique to you.