Yale Net Price Calculator

We know that every family’s financial situation is unique. When a student applies for Yale financial aid, officers at Student Financial Services work closely with parents and guardians to create a package that meets 100% of a family’s demonstrated need. To help estimate your Yale financial aid award before you apply, we’ve created the Yale Net Price Calculator.

Launch the Yale Net Price Calculator

The calculator generates a sample financial aid award based on your financial information and Yale’s current aid policies. The process should take less than ten minutes. The calculator is designed to provide a first look at what a family can expect to pay in much less time than it would take to complete the FAFSA and CSS Profile. The calculator can’t capture all the information that our officers use to evaluate financial need, but it should provide a good starting place for a conversation about financing a Yale education. To balance accuracy with ease of use, the calculator only includes the primary criteria used in determining most aid packages. In general, families with simpler financial situations can expect more accurate results.

Here are a few tips for using the calculator:

  • If possible, use figures from your most recent US tax return documents. You can always use estimates, but the results may be less accurate.
  • "Total income" includes both taxable and non-taxable income. This is not the same as "adjusted gross income."  
  • We recommend having recent account statements (savings, checking, investment) and records of any untaxed income available.
  • If a student’s parents are divorced, separated, remarried or never married, we recommend using the calculator twice to estimate an expected contribution for each parent household. We understand that it may be difficult to provide accurate numbers for both households, and many cases will require individual attention from our staff. Remember, that Yale will work closely with families once a student has applied to determine the total family contribution.
  • A family’s assets are considered only if they exceed $200,000. Funds in retirement accounts such as a 401(k) are not considered in determining aid, but annual contributions may be considered with untaxed income.
  • Remember that the calculator does not submit any information to Yale’s Student Financial Services. To apply for aid, follow these detailed instructions.

If you're ready, launch the Net Price Calculator

For more information on Yale’s financial aid policies, explore Financial Aid In-Depth and the resources at Student Financial Services, where you can find detailed instructions about applying for aid. If you have questions about the calculator’s results or any of Yale’s financial aid policies, please contact Student Financial Services.    

Please note: The calculator is intended for U.S. citizens, permanent residents and international students whose parents live and work in the United States. The calculator may not produce accurate results for international students whose parents work outside the United States, primarily because the determination of financial need depends in part on country by country adjustments with respect to cost of living. The calculator is also not intended for use by Eli Whitney, Non-Degree, or Alumni Auditing Program students. (Note that Yale considers virtually all undergraduate students dependent on parent income for financial aid calculation purposes.)