Non-Degree & Alumni Auditing Programs

The Non-Degree Students Program

The Non-Degree Students Program offers you the opportunity to take Yale College courses for credit without matriculating as a Yale undergraduate. Most non-degree students have used this program to complete a bachelor’s degree at another university or to qualify for admission to graduate or professional schools. This is a very small program, enrolling 5 to 10 students each term. Students admitted to the Non-Degree Students Program are admitted to take a specific number of classes for either one or two terms. Learn more.

Yale Alumni Auditing Program

The Yale Alumni Auditing Program provides degree-holding Yale alumni and their spouses the opportunity to audit Yale College classes, expand their intellectual interests, and experience the daily life of Yale College. The Yale College Dean’s Office administers the Alumni Auditing Program separately from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Learn more on the Yale College website