What is Yale-NUS?

Yale-NUS is a fully residential liberal arts and sciences college in Singapore which is the result of a collaboration between Yale University and the National University of Singapore. It was founded as an institution in 2011, and accepted its first cohort of students in 2013. Visit the Yale-NUS webpage for more information. 

Is Yale-NUS a branch campus of Yale?

No, although there are many ties between the two institutions, and several special concurrent degree programs one can engage in while at Yale-NUS College.

What is NUS?

NUS is the flagship university in Singapore. A global institution, NUS is consistently ranked the best university in Asia and one of the best in the world. As an autonomous college within NUS, Yale-NUS has its own governing board, president, administration and faculty, but shares close ties and certain resources with NUS. 

Who are the students at Yale-NUS?

Students come from across the world to join Yale-NUS. The student body represents over 50 nationalities and are adventurous, curious, and accomplished. They are artists, researchers, athletes, community activists, and everything in between. They come to Yale-NUS for a once-in-a-lifetime educational opportunity to be international global citizen leaders. 

Who are the faculty at Yale-NUS?

The faculty represent an internationally recognized and accomplished group of scholars and researchers, recruited to Singapore for its vibrant educational, cultural, and global opportunities. They are committed to the liberal arts and sciences, teaching, and research, and frequently collaborate with students on cutting-edge research and other professional activities. 

What can I study at Yale-NUS?

Every student at Yale-NUS takes courses through the Common Curriculum, an innovative set of liberal arts and sciences courses designed specifically for Yale-NUS College. The curriculum has been widely recognized as groundbreaking, and has taken the Yale tradition and tweaked it for a modern, global 21st century. One third of courses students take will be Common Curriculum courses, one third will be electives, and one third will be in one of 14 different majors offered by the College. These include: Anthropology; Arts and Humanities; Economics; Environmental Studies; Global Affairs; History; Life Sciences; Literature; Mathematical, Computational and Statistical Sciences; Philosophy; Physical Sciences; Philosophy, Politics and Economics; Psychology; and Urban Studies.

What is the campus of Yale-NUS like?

The Yale-NUS campus is brand new and located in beautiful and vibrant UTown area of the NUS campus in Clementi. Over 60,000 square meters, it includes three residential colleges, three dining halls, one library, a recording studio, art studios, a blackbox theater, scientific research labs, and more. Yale-NUS is the only fully-residential campus of higher education in Singapore, and one of the few in Asia.

As a student at Yale-NUS will I be able to study abroad at Yale?

Yale-NUS has a certain number of spots every year to send students to study abroad at Yale University in New Haven. Similarly, some Yale University students come to Yale-NUS every year. Yale-NUS College students also have the option to spend a summer in New Haven through the Yale Summer Session, a popular option for study abroad. Students can also participate in numerous other study abroad programs in the UK, France, Korea, Australia, and the United States among many others. For more information, visit the Center for International and Professional Experience website

What are some of the distinctive features of Yale-NUS? Are there traditions?

Part of the excitement of setting up a new college is the opportunity to create new traditions that will be cherished for years to come. The inaugural classes at Yale-NUS have taken the opportunity in stride, creating dozens of student organizations, participating in brand new traditions, and creating an identity for Yale-NUS College all its own, but there is always room for more.