Where will local interviews be conducted?

Alumni interviews usually take place in a public location such as a quiet café or a library. If a Yale ASC member calls you to set up an interview, please arrange to meet at a mutually convenient location.

I already had an on-campus interview. Will I also be able to interview with a Yale alumnus?

If you already took part in an interview on campus, you will not be offered an alumni interview.

Are interviews offered on campus?

A limited number of on-campus interviews are available. They are only open to seniors and rising seniors, and are only offered from late June through mid-November. On-campus interviews are conducted by Yale College seniors. If you would like to have an interview on campus, please check our online Interview Scheduler for availability. They are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.

How do I arrange to have a local interview?

You will not be offered an alumni interview until after you have submitted an application. Applicants do not arrange their own interviews. After you submit your freshman application, Yale will send you an email to acknowledge that your application has been received. If an ASC member is available to interview you in your region, he or she will contact you directly. Please do not attempt to contact Undergraduate Admissions or the local ASC members to request an interview.

What is the role of the local interview? Is it evaluative?

An ASC interview lets you engage in a dialogue with a local Yale graduate. Alumni interviewers can be a valuable source of information for you, providing first-hand knowledge of what it is like to live and study at Yale. Interviews are also evaluative. Through the ASC member’s report of your interview, the admissions committee can learn more about you and how you might contribute to the Yale community.

My area is not covered by a Yale ASC. What does that mean?

Alumni interviews are conducted by local volunteer committees linked to specific geographical areas. If your area is not covered by Yale ASC it means an alumni volunteer committee is not active in your area. 

My area is covered by an ASC, but I have not been contacted for an interview. Why?

You may not be contacted for an alumni interview until a few weeks after we process your application. Most Early Action interviews take place in November and the bulk of Regular Decision interviews occur in late January and during the month of February. It is also possible that given the large number of applications, the ASC is not able to interview every candidate in your area. Please remember that interviews are not required, and your application will not be penalized if you are not offered an interview.

Since my area is not covered by an ASC, can I be interviewed by a different ASC?

No. Each ASC is charged with interviewing candidates for a specific geographic area. Given the large volume of applications we receive, the resources of our ASCs are limited, and we cannot reassign you to the committee serving another region.

I have questions about Yale, but I will not have the opportunity to meet with an ASC member. To whom should I direct them?

You may email questions about academic, residential, and extracurricular life at Yale to A current Yale student will respond to your inquiry.

Is my application jeopardized because I am not offered an interview?

Absolutely not. Please remember that interviews are not required, and many successful applicants are not interviewed. The admissions committee will base its decision on the rest of your application.

Are interviews required?

No. For a variety of reasons, we are not able to offer every applicant an interview. If you are contacted to schedule an interview, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity. An interviewer can help you learn more about Yale and can share additional information about you with the admissions office.