Welcome Home

Dear Class of 2018,

In the next few weeks, you will undoubtedly hear the word “Congratulations” over and over again. You did it – you got into Yale. So, congratulations! However, with my congratulations, I want to add something. Getting into Yale is an amazing achievement. This year, the acceptance rate was the lowest it has ever been. You should be so incredibly proud of yourself. However, you should know that yesterday was special for more than just that great achievement. Because, just as you were jumping up and down with excitement, there was an entire community doing the same, excited to welcome you to our school, our community, our family.

A year ago today, I opened my computer to the same singing Bulldog. As you well know, the combined feelings of surprise, excitement and sheer elation are indescribable, but it wasn’t the congratulations I received that made Yale stand out for me. Shortly after my acceptance, I received an email from the Financial Aid Office confirming my financial aid award. The sign off was “Welcome Home.” While other schools were making me feel lucky to have gotten in, I was in shock, and kind of confused, that Yale was excited about the prospect of me as a Yalie.

To the Admissions Office, the generous people who work in financial aid, the professors, masters and deans and students, I was more than a number. I was a human being, more than my achievements and grades. I was taking a huge risk in choosing Yale. It was an ocean away, and I didn’t technically know anyone. But, that’s not how it felt because Yale is a school that stretches beyond the academics, extra curricular activities and statistics you can find online.

So, Welcome Class of 2018. Welcome to Yale. Welcome Home.

Best, Stephanie