My 7 New Yale Resolutions

A tall snowman standing outside a residential college.

Second semester is getting underway, and as my schedule finally takes shape, I wanted to share with you my resolutions for the next couple months.

1. Don’t just eat in Jonathan Edwards College

I am one of those biased people who like to claim that JE is the only residential college worth eating in, but this semester, I want to try and branch out and spend some time in other dining halls.

2. Find a new reading room

Bookshelves at Sterling Memorial Library.

I thought I knew my way around Yale’s libraries. It turns out I don’t at all! This semester, I want to find a new reading room that I can call my own - a secret one hidden in the depths of Sterling Library.

3. Attend as many a cappella jams as I can!

My a cappella group, Proof of the Pudding, will host its annual Jam at the end of February (that’s our jam last year pictured above!). And while I cannot wait for ours, I am almost more excited to see some of my friends perform with their groups. A cappella jams happen for every group once a year, and they showcase of the talents of the group and the individuals in it - they’re pretty special, and I want to see how many I can fit into my busy schedule.

4. Build a snowman

    The Yale Campus in winter.

Snow doesn’t fall in England to the same quantity that it falls to here, so the prospect of being able to build a snowman is pretty exciting. Especially if I can sing along to the Frozen soundtrack at the same time (lyrics by Yale alum Bobby Lopez, of course!)

5. Head to East Rock

We Yalies are so lucky. Very close to campus is East Rock Park – a summit of beautiful scenery. Life at Yale can be busy, so it’s nice to escape to the tranquility of an open space to reflect. I can’t wait to relax at East Rock when it’s warm enough.

P.S. You can check out East Rock in our video about New Haven here!

6. Go to another amazing Master’s Tea

Last semester, I had the chance to report on a fantastic Master’s Tea in Ezra Stiles College for the Yale Daily News. David Lammy, a British politician, came to campus to discuss his political campaign as a Member of Parliament. This semester, I want to check out some of JE’s amazing master’s teas, maybe with an accomplished jazz pianist or a famous film director! I can’t wait to enjoy the food they make and cater especially for these Teas.

7. Drink less hot chocolate

Last but not least, I really think I should drink less hot chocolate. I don’t drink coffee, but I still spend a ridiculous amount of money in one of the many incredible coffee shops in New Haven! They all serve incredible hot chocolate, which on cold days like these, is just perfect.