Stepping out of the Yale Bubble

At Yale, it can be easy to get absorbed in our work, our activities, and friends. It can be easy to surround ourselves with a nice little Yale bubble. But, I went to an event tonight that proved to me that Yalies always have the power to step beyond the bubble. 

On Thursday, I went to a concert designed to raise funds for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) in the Philippines. Ahead of the event, the Filipino Club of Yale had already raised $17,000 to send to the Philippines. Since Thursday, I am sure that this number will have increased even further.

Eighteen groups came out to support the cause, and even more wanted to perform. The effort was a great illustration of the talent on campus and our student groups’ willingness to perform on short notice for something wholly worthwhile. I was left inspired by performances of spoken word, stunned by incredible a cappella, and found myself laughing out loud watching the improv comedy groups.

Yes, there is something of a Yale bubble. But Yalies never let the outside world pass them by.