Senior spring bucket list

It’s hard to believe that I will soon be embarking on my last semester at Yale. So far, I’ve made more memories here than I can count and learned a ton about myself and my interests. And the show’s not over yet! There are still a few things I’d like to accomplish before I graduate in May. Here are 7 items on my Senior Spring bucket list, in no particular order:

Go sledding on Science Hill. This one’s a classic. As the most prominent hill on Yale’s campus, Science Hill is where Yalies go to sled (and sometimes even ski!) on snow days. We tend to get a fair amount of snow in January and February, so I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll get to enjoy the winter wonderland this year.

Hike to the top of West Rock. There are two exposed rock faces that bookend New Haven, appropriately named East Rock and West Rock. I’ve hiked to the top of East Rock many times, as it’s only a couple miles from Yale’s main campus and easy to get to on a run. West Rock, however, is about six miles away, and I’ve never had the chance to hike up. I’ve heard the view is amazing, so I definitely want to make it up to the top of West Rock this semester. It will be awesome to gain a fresh perspective on the city I’ve lived in for almost four years.

Grab lunch or coffee with my favorite Yale professors and mentors. There are some professors at Yale who have been instrumental in shaping my academic interests and perspective on life. Without them, I wouldn’t be the student (and soon-to-be graduate out in the real world) I am today. I want to carve out some one-on-one time with each of them this semester to catch up, share my gratitude, glean some more wisdom, and hopefully figure out the best way to keep in touch after I graduate.

Check some books out of the library to read for fun. There are literally millions of volumes in Yale’s collection, and I’m a little ashamed to admit that I’ve only checked out a spare few for different classes. As an avid reader who will (hopefully) have a bit more spare time next semester, I want to take advantage of Yale’s incredible library resources and read up on my favorite genres.

Revisit all my favorite restaurants, and discover some new spots. You may have heard that New Haven is a foodie destination. Indeed, there are several amazing restaurants per block in Downtown New Haven. I definitely have a few favorites and want to savor another meal from each one before I graduate. I’d also love to try as many new places as my stomach (and my wallet) has room for. I’m hoping to make a restaurant-specific bucket list with my friends and try them out together—for me, food is much tastier when you have good company!

Attend at least one of my friends’ performances or athletic events. My Yale friends are a super talented bunch, ranging from operatic singers to varsity sailors to contemporary dancers. Watching my friends do what they love leaves me in awe of their unique talents and grateful for what they bring to our friendship. I definitely want to support their hard work and show my appreciation for them by cheering them on at performances and sporting events.

Discover a secret room. Yale is like, 300 years old—it can’t be that hard, right?

Stay tuned for updates on these adventures and other senior reflections from me on the blog this spring. Until then, Happy New Year!