The Game or the Tailgate?

The Yale-Harvard Annual Game was on us again, and this time Yale would be hosting its enemy. I’d been looking forward to the Game all semester long, firstly because I was hoping that this would be the year in which we broke our losing streak of a few years, and secondly because I was excited about seeing all my great Harvard friends again! I went to Harvard last year for the Game, and was warmly welcomed by their students in spite of the fact that we were from opposing teams. The Game also signified the beginning of Thanksgiving break (yes, we have no school for an entire week!), so I was more than ready for a little time off from what has been a long semester.

I welcomed my Harvard friends into my room on Friday evening, as they oohed and aahed at the beauty of my residential college, Davenport, and the beauty and charm of Yale in general. Even they admitted that that was one thing we were undoubtedly superior to them. I thereafter led them to a series of social mixers and dinners that every single organization in the school seemed to be having! For every Yale group, there was a matching Harvard group, and the idea was that the two groups would get together to eat, and generally pre-celebrate the Thanksgiving festivities.

The day after, Saturday, was the Game. My guests and I were a little late. We got there at 11 am, and yet people had been there as early as 9! Hungry for some food, we headed to the joint Yale-Harvard Tailgate. We were welcomed by a startling variety of meats, from chicken kebabs to burgers, all sponsored by numerous residential colleges at Yale. The music was great, as was the entire energy of the Tailgate, so much so that we stayed there for over 4 hours! The next time I looked at my watch, it was 3pm and the Game was drawing to a close! The fact that Yale was steadily losing did not boost my morale for attending the Game either.

The final score was terrible. Harvard unfortunately, slaughtered us. The up side though was that I had a great afternoon full of food, dance and music, and became even closer to my Harvard rivals. Besides, I now know for a fact that the most fun element of the Game for me – the Tailgate – can only be done well at Yale.

Me (in Yale sweatshirt REAFFIRMING the fact that Yale is greater than Harvard, even though we lost the Game)