What We Want to Be When We Grow Up (Part 2!)

This is a continuation of my previous blog post about the diverse career trajectories I’ve encountered here at Yale both in terms of topics/types of careers and in terms of ways that people have found (or are still exploring) their ideal future after their time here. I interviewed even more of my friends to get an even wider perspective on this topic and there were certainely a wide variety of interests and trajectories represented. 


Intended major when applying: Philosophy

Major now: History 

Intended career when applying: Undecided/unsure

Intended career now: Undecided/unsure

How Did You Get Here? I’ve been continuing to explore lots of options at Yale so I’m still not sure what I want to do but definitely working to narrow my focus. I now have some ideas about potential paths including community organizing, journalism, or working as an outdoor guide.

photo of cecelia


Intended major when applying: Mechanical Engineering

Major now: Mechanical Engineering 

Intended career when applying: Robotics engineer

Intended career now: Aerospace engineer

How Did You Get Here? I joined the Yale Undergraduate Aerospace Association which had a big impact. I didn’t have any understanding of aerospace until joining the club and I thought it wasn’t really something I could do but now I think it’s really cool and the direction I want to go.


Intended major when applying: Ethics, Politics, & Economics

Major now: Political Science with a Data Science certificate  

Intended career when applying: Undecided/unsure

Intended career now: Campaign manager

How Did You Get Here?: The political science classes that I’ve taken here have been most interesting to me and have exposed me to new, interesting issues. I’ve also had a new interest in statistics and data science which adds a new layer to my interest in campaign politics.

photo of Annie


Intended major when applying: Music

Major now: Music and History

Intended career when applying: Physician

Intended career now: Professional musician

How Did You Get Here? I have really enjoyed the musical opportunities and all the people who do music here; it’s what has made me the happiest so it’s what I’d like to continue with in the future.


Intended major when applying: Mechanical Engineering

Major now: Computer Science and Economics

Intended career when applying: Undecided/something STEM-related

Intended career now: Finance

How Did You Get Here: Some people influenced me to sign up for some clubs like Up Fund which is a finance club that does non-profit work. I was able to attend some cool events and get involved in some interesting projects that sparked my interest in more finance-oriented areas. Once I started meeting people who work in finance it really inspired me to work in that area. 

Once again, there are a lot of different ways that someone can arrive at a career-related interest, especially here at Yale. For some, they are motivated simply by what they enjoy the most while others prefer to take time to carefully examine what excites them about different fields. Some people have a very concrete idea of what they want to do in the future while others are just looking into broad career areas or are still looking for their perfect fit. I know that watching my friends discover what they’re interested in and going through that process myself have been a really insightful and exciting thing to experience here and I can’t wait to reflect on this when we all reach the end of our Yale journeys and see how much has changed from now until then.