A Postcard From Oxford: Photo Essay

To you (the reader),

Last you heard of me, I was reflecting on my overall wonderful Fall semester at Yale and preparing to study abroad. Well, I am now officially in England and have been at the University of Oxford for about a month! Since Oxford is structured in a trimester system (Michaelmas, Hilary, and Trinity) with each term consisting of 8 weeks, that means I am halfway done with Hilary term. It’s wild to think how fast time has flown by! So, since I’m definitely still getting into the groove of my new routine here at Oxford, my first study abroad blog is going to be dedicated to some of the photos I’ve taken while being here. Hope you enjoy the beauty that has been surrounding me these past few weeks. 

I’ve been having a blast at Oxford and I can’t wait to write more about my adventures here! So stay tuned for more study abroad content and also keep an eye out for more blogs on transfers. Good luck to everyone participating in transfer season this year. Talk to you soon!