WeRateDiningHalls: Part Two

Welcome back to WeRateDiningHalls! With 14 residential colleges, I could not possibly rate them all in one blog, so here’s to part two. 

Pauli Murray

light colored tables with dark wooden accents on walls

This is Pauli Murray (my dining hall, one of my favorites). As one of the two newest residential colleges at Yale, Murray’s dining hall feels like something new here on campus. In addition to the pizza that always welcomes students, Murray also gives students the option to dine in one of the large communal tables or find a quieter spot in its alcoves. Overall, Murray’s dining hall is “delightful, delicious, and delovely.” 14/10

Benjamin Franklin

Light colored wooden accents on walls with two chandeliers hanging

This is Benjamin Franklin. It is another one of the newest residential colleges at Yale. Although feeling brighter than Murray with its lighter wooden accents, Franklin’s dining hall also offers large tables and pocketed alcoves where students can enjoy their dinner. In many ways, it’s Murray’s twin and so it is deserving of the same rating. 14/10


Open dining space with dark wooden tables, chandeliers on walls and a second floor dining space

This is Berkeley. With an open timber ceiling and a second floor dining area, Berkeley’s dining hall is a unique space on campus. Located centrally on campus, you’ll always find the dining hall to be quite a busy place (especially during rush lunch and dinner hour). And so, while its architecture is amazing, it can sometimes be a game of musical chairs if you hope to find a seat here. 10/10


Dark wooden chairs and light colored tables with portraits decorating the walls.

This is Branford. It’s one of the few dining halls on campus where you’ll need to take the stairs or an elevator to access it. Here you will find freshly made pizza, piadinas (one of Branford’s classics) and oat milk soft serve ice cream. With Cheese Night being one of its culinary traditions, Branford is always a great place to eat on campus. 12/10


Medium colored wooden dining tables with large chandeliers hanging on ceiling.

This is Saybrook. It’s Branford’s sister college and equally as beautiful. With stunning vaulted ceilings, Saybrook’s dining hall architecture is in many ways “classic Yale.” Its culinary menu also offers students surprise pop up items like guacamole or trail mix. 12/10


Tall window on back side of the dining room with cherry tainted dining tables

This is Silliman. Located after climbing up a beautiful staircase, Silliman’s dining hall is the epitome of grand (it’s big enough to fit a concert grand piano). It’s one of the most spacious dining halls on campus and so if you’re looking for a place to eat with a group of friends, Silliman is the place for you. It also offers a lot of natural light (before 5pm) with its tall windows decorating the entire space. 13/10

Jonathan Edwards

People having dinner on light colored wooden tables

This is Jonathan Edwards or JE. If you look up, you’ll see vaulted ceilings similar to those found at Saybrook (to be fair, JE is directly across from Branford/Saybrook). Its dining hall is on the smaller end but with two working fireplaces, this gives JE a more intimate dining experience. 11/10