A statue on campus, unrecognizable beneath a thick covering of snow.

I am in a hurry trying to make it to The Fantasticks rehearsal, and I race past the new snow drifts in Cross Campus.

 Which causes me to slow down.

 And walk four steps backward.

I am face to face with a dragon. That’s right, horns, wings, tail, the works. It’s probably the size of five of me lying down. Fortunately for me, it’s sleeping.

 I should probably mention at this point it’s made of snow.

A snow dragon? As big as five people? How is all of this possible?

 Last week, Yale essentially was hit with an overnight blizzard. I woke up last Wednesday and found myself climbing over snow plow hills and avoiding ice patches. Luckily, other students exerted their creative energies, and my friend Zeke constructed this beautiful dragon.

 In fact, many Yale students spent our pseudo-snow day creating other beautiful works of art, including multiple igloos. Examples of the different snow sculptures can be found at the link below:

 I also witnessed dozens of students on Science Hill snowboarding/sledding/skiing down the hill.

A New Haven resident on skiis.

One New Haven resident apparently was spotted skiing down a street. The master of Silliman even allowed sled rental to occur. The snow was a hassle for cars and commuters of course, but many Yale students seemed to simply be snow celebrating.

 I am happily going to spend the rest of my afternoon with hot cocoa and a blanket in the Silliman igloo. I figure I should derive as much enjoyment as I can from this snow fun until it melts.