In Praise of the Wooster Square Farmers’ Market

Wow, it feels good to be back! A thousand years ago in March of 2020, I wrote that I didn’t know when we would return to campus. I even optimistically proposed that I could be sleeping in my dorm in as little as two weeks. Well, it wasn’t two weeks. It was about a year and a half. But I’m here now, back in New Haven, back at Yale, and back on the blogging team.

My return has been highly emotional. (For other people, not for me. My mere presence brings men to their knees.) Small sensory things–the bell that tinkles when you push open the door of Atticus Bookstore, the smell of wet pavement on the Library Walk, the salty gut-punch of a Wenzel chicken sandwich–have literally made me want to cry tears of joy. I feel so grateful to be in New Haven and to return to all the places I missed so very much.

But! I’m not going to waste this summer doing things I’ve already done. This city has so much to offer and I’ve never had more time to explore it. Firstly, I’ve fallen in love with the Wooster Square Farmers’ Market. Before the pandemic, I knew the market existed–I just never went, because it closed “too early.” (The market only appears on Saturdays, the day I often choose to stay in bed until 1pm. Sorry!) 

Beautiful carrots at the farmers’ market! 

Beautiful flowers at the farmers’ market!!

Beautiful tea at the farmers’ market!!!

This market is undeniably lovely, with New Haven’s finest culinary merchants descending on Wooster Square to hawk fresh produce and pastries, cheeses both crumbly and creamy, and of course, my old friend, coffee from the beloved Jitterbus. You can do a good chunk of your shopping at the market, but you can also treat it as a secret brunch spot. Especially if you’re out with someone intent on playing the “I don’t know, what do you want?” game. There are options on options on options–among my friends alone, we indulged in delicious chocolate treats, savory vegetable pies, and straight up bread and brie. 

My lunch. So good!

Our day at the farmer’s market ended somewhat badly, because a puppy (who will not be named) chose to insult my honor in a very public manner. I won’t go into details, but I will say that the dog looked like this:

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and cannot be trusted. But this is not the fault of the farmers’ market. The farmers’ market is perfect.