The Long Wharf Taco Trucks

Taco trucks at sunset

What could be better than sitting on the dock at sunset, taco in hand, letting the briny waves of the Atlantic lap at your ankles? That’s right–literally nothing. 

I can’t believe it took me two years to find out about the taco trucks at Long Wharf. It wasn’t until I led a pre-orientation trip this year that I heard about this salty paradise. My co-leader Sean suggested we take our first-years to the taco trucks, and I said, “What taco trucks?” Thus began our journey to the docks. 

To get to Long Wharf from Yale’s cross campus is exactly a mile–about 30 minutes by foot, if you take things slow like I do. The stroll is pleasant, meandering past State Street Station and skirting the edges of New Haven’s Little Italy. Once you get to the trucks you can buy your dinner (I recommend the quesadilla from La Patrona) and carry it on paper plates to the docks. When I bought tacos for our entire trip (ten people!) the bill came to less than $20. 

My FOOT group with our tacos at Long Wharf

As we were about to head out into the woods on a four-day trip, we dipped our fingers into the Atlantic for good luck. We said what we’d miss about home and what we were looking forward to this year at Yale. And then we ate our tacos, at peace with the world. 

Since August, I’ve returned to Long Wharf twice for tacos and a little time looking out at the water. It’s calming, it’s a lovely walk, and it’s delicious! I can’t believe I lived in ignorance for so long. 

Believe it or not, New Haven is a beach city!