Ode to the Silliman Courtyard

Hi, everyone. In place of a normal blog post, I have a composed a poem honoring the Silliman Courtyard. It’s a really nice courtyard. I hope you all will be impressed with my soul-searching ballad/ode in its honor. If you think this should replace the normal Yale fight song (“Bulldogs! Bulldogs! Bow wow wow!”)*, go ahead and tell everyone you know. Thanks!

O, Silliman Courtyard! So big and so square

With the crisp smell of autumn alive in the air

And the green dewy green grass just under our feet

Kept always so trim, so clean, so neat

O, Silliman Courtyard! When my spirits do falter

I seek the comfort of our Dean’s dog, Walter

He is small and kind–no Yorkie is better

Especially when he wears his Silliman sweater

O, Silliman Courtyard! Even at night

The stars so clear, so big, so bright

I would sleep right here, wrapped up in the grass

But I fear a raccoon will take a bite of my                     face

O, Silliman Courtyard! How intoxicating are you

The craziest things you make me think I should do

Like let my good friend toss me into the air

And give me what I call a “broken ankle scare” 

O, Silliman Courtyard! When sunset comes

Even the glumest can no longer glum

The light on the windows makes them glitter like gold

O, Silliman Courtyard! You will never grow old!

My friends are so cute and they love the courtyard!

*I’m obviously a big fan of Yale but I have to (affectionately) say our fight song is super dumb. Do you know how humiliating it is to have to yell “bow wow wow” at an opposing school’s fans? It’s really bad. Like, I’m still gonna do it. But it’s bad.