Come Take a Walk with Me

Me on a walk through Farnam Memorial Gardens

There are few things I enjoy more than a nice walk. So, after a long day of class and work, I decided to indulge myself with a leisurely stroll around the quieter parts of campus. Come, join me!

Fall foliage along Prospect Street
Pretty leaves along Prospect Street

I’m in Pauli Murray college (go LiMurs!), which is also the northernmost college. Walking even further north on Prospect Street, you immediately get the sense that you’re no longer in center campus. It’s one of my favorite routes to take — it’s peaceful, and as you can see, the foliage is absolutely stunning. Only a stone’s throw away from my bedroom, and my walk’s off to a great start.

Me, walking through Farnam Memorial Gardens
Me, trying to get a half-decent picture of the observatory

When I wanted some nice open space, I continued up to Farnam Memorial Gardens. It’s always quiet up there, and the fall air felt crisp and refreshing. Below, you can see the Leitner Observatory, a visit that’s on my Yale bucket list (you can expect my rave review at a later date). 

Leitner Observatory on a hill overlooking the Yale Farm
A half-decent picture of the observatory

From the overlook, you can see the Yale Farm, as well as some of the eastern parts of the city. I always pause for a second to admire the view.

The view from the overlook — East Haven, blue skies, and the Yale Farm.
The view from the overlook — below, you can see the Yale Farm.

Finally, I made sure to stop by the Yale Divinity School. My educated guess is that this is the biggest courtyard on campus, and I think it’s the prettiest one, too. I’ve stopped by at some ridiculous hours (including once around 2AM), and the gate is always open — I always feel so safe and welcome.

The courtyard at the Yale Divinity School
A picture that does the courtyard much more justice than the picture I took

On my way back home, I basked in the last few hours of daylight and fantasized about my upcoming dinner. Sometimes, all I need to recharge is a long walk.