An Autumn Collage

As I stepped out of Sterling Chemistry Laboratory a few weeks ago, I took a deep breath of crisp autumn air. After too many days of preparing for my Organic Chemistry midterm, my mind was ready to rediscover the beauty of Yale outdoors after too many hours staring at free radical halogenation reactions and the syntheses of epoxides. Twenty-four hours earlier, I entered Bass Library with books in hand and an over-stuffed backpack. This time, I entered the library with nothing more than an artistic vision.

I strolled over to the circulation desk. But instead of checking out a book, manuscript, or movie, I checked out this:

A Canon 1100D DSLR camera.

After a quick lesson from a media specialist, I was off. Okay, so maybe I looked like a bit of a tourist. But here’s what came of my exploration. Enjoy my autumn collage!

Pedestrians walk and ride bikes down a path lined with trees in New Haven.

A quiet area on campus with benches and a hammock.

Fallen leaves cover the cobblestone path outside of a campus building.

Pedestrians walk down a shady path on Campus.

A tree starting to take on its autumn colors near a campus gate.

The tower at the Hall of Graduate studies visible above the treetops.

a building with a glass exterior reflects the sky and autumn leaves.